School Director's Note


            I am pleased to have you in this page. The Gladden’s International Schools (GIS) could be considered as God’s sent school, its establishment is to liberates your child from the trauma of not able to read, write etc, in which at his/her age should have been able as being taught. This traumatic situation is actually caused by the former classroom teachers who failed to apply simple teaching method for your dull or weak child(ren), which, Gladden’s International Schools is always applauded for applying such teaching method(s).
            The Gladden’s International Schools is not by any way contesting with any school, of whatsoever, who might have not able to apply this teaching methods, or fighting against another school's curriculum as some may suppose. Our findings must be told here.

           Come to note this, the Gladden’s International Schools has been rated above other schools operating on the same curriculum; this is due to the teaching methods GIS applied during class and lesson activities. What really make Gladden’s International Schools different from other schools, when they are operating on the same scheme or curriculum. This is because of the way GIS imparts knowledge to her pupils. These ways are referred as teaching methods.

           GIS is not only imparting knowledge to pupils, but also, aiding to store what was taught in class into the brain of the child through play way method or ryhmes. It is on this ground that prospective parents admire our concept; and are introduced and recommended by parents who have earlier admitted their wards in our school. Some came after the conclusion of our summer lessons, which always come July and lasted to August every year. Their wards who were unable to read, write and speak phonetically, does all at ease.

           With all these offers, the tuition and fee still remain affordable. We allowed this as our quota to educational reform, allowing average parents cope with the high rate of school fee in the country from high class schools. The Admission process into our School is not too expensive compare with what the school is offering and transmitting to pupils.

           There are countable benefits when you register your ward(s) in Gladden’s International Schools. They lined-up below:

  • Scholarship for parents that registered his/her three children; upon the registration, the first child will be placed on FREE EDUCATION – No tuition fee charge, until he/she finishes in Gladden’s International Schools.
  • One year Academy Scholarship Award (ASA) for your child for performing overall best in 70% of the total subjects.
  • We teaches phonics, a subject that helps your child merges separate sounds together to make it one word. Therefore, by admitting your child into this school, he/she will learn how to speak fluently like children in United Kingdom. 

           There is also special consideration for parents who have four children and above. It is after admission, in subsequent fee, that the first & second children pays 30% of the actual fee which is excluded of PTF levy and exams fee. That is, 8,500 multiply by 0.30 will give you 2,550. So, when adding PTF levy and Exams fee will amount 5,500 against 11,500. But, in first term for the returning pupils, the fee is slide different from 2nd and 3rd terms fee. In first term, the first child pays 7,550 against 13,500. So, Gladden’s International Schools cares even to parents

Elder (Sir) Akan Bassey
School Director

School Director

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