Sapphire House - (Green)


Note to be followed:

  • The House Coordinator, who must be a staff, is to be appointed by the School Management
  • It is the responsibility of the House Coordinator to search and appoint prominent and responsible member of the public as House Governor, who must be the chief sponsor of the House
  • The Coordinator shall guide members of the House to select among them, a House Captain
  • Internally, both males and females shall contest and a male and a female emerged as Queen and King of the House
  • All games must be participated by the House
  • All staff, zoned to this House, must participate in the activities of the House including the final day of the competition


Before someone is appointed or selected to be a House Governor, he or she must be a responsible and at least, average financial buoyant to take up the following responsibilities

  1. Must have his or her own sport wears such as tracksuit and canvas
  1. Must be able to afford one (1) Trophy to the school
  1. Must be able to cheer up his/her House by sponsoring his/her House activities
  1. Must be able to encourage the officials (staff) and the pupils in the House
  1. Must encourage for the production of the House Flag or Banners or sporting stickers etc.

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