Reception Class
Reception Class

In Gladden's International Schools, before a child is admitted or promoted to Reception class, such a child is predictable to know the following:

  • Must be Two Years old by first term
  • Should be able to talk, not prattle
  • Should be able to repeat words after teacher.

The focus, is the same as that of Playgroup, on three important areas while drilling the pupils, such areas are:

+ Development on the social, personal and emotional fronts
+ Language skills and fluency in communication
+ Physical development.

The above three areas then feed into another four specific learning areas as under:

+ Literacy
+ Numeracy
+ World understanding
+ Expressive arts and design

A class of maximum of 15-18 pupils is controlled by two to three staff. One teacher and 1 or 2 custodians. Their functions are specific. A teacher teaches while the two custodians assisting the pupils in learning their day's activities; and assisting them to cleam mess.



  1. The Series Book of my Numeracy – Bk 1
  2. The Series Book of my Literacy – Bk 1
  3. The Book of my Stylography: Colouring and Drawing – Bk 1
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