Playgroup Class

Before a child can be admitted in Gladden's International Schools into Playgroup Class, that child should attain one year old and without any serious medical clause.

We focused on three important areas in while drilling the pupils, such area are:

+ Development on the social, personal and emotional fronts
+ Language skills and fluency in communication
+ Physical development.

The above three areas then feed into another four specific learning areas as under:

+ Literacy
+ Numeracy
+ World understanding
+ Expressive arts and design

A class of maximum of 10-12 pupils is controlled by two to three staff. One teacher and 1 or 2 custodians. Their functions are specific. A teacher teaches while the two custodians assisting the pupils in learning their day's activities; and assisting them to cleam mess.



  • 3-in-1 Playgroup Learning Manual
  • Dialogue Book

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