Grade One
Grade One

Before the school can accept the entry or promotion of a child into Kindergarten, that child is predictable to know the following:

+ Gross motor e.g. running, skipping, standing on one leg.
+ Fine motor e.g. comfortable using a pair of scissors, successfully doing zips and buttons, is able to use cutlery.
+ Perceptual development: both visual and auditory.
+ Taking care of themselves e.g. manages to go to the toilet by themselves.
+ Gets along with peers – can interact within a group or shows an interest in other children, willing to help a friend.
+ Can express feelings and needs.
+ Can share.
+ Can sit still e.g. long enough to listen to a story.
+ Can concentrate on a task for a reasonable amount of time.
+ Able to deal with frustration in an acceptable way.
+ Can make independent decisions and follow through.
+ Have ideas of their own.
+ Can follow simple directions or instructions.
+ Shows an interest in learning.
+ Should be able to communicate effectively English language.
+ Be able to sequence (retell a story or a set of events).
+ Identify similarities and differences between objects.
+ Independence.
+ Reasonable control over emotions.
+ Basic problem solving skills.
+ Confidence.
+ Shows responsibility.



  • Evans Modular English Course for primary schools/workbook – Bk 2
  • Wabp Learn Mathematics/Workbook – Bk 2
  • Wabp Sam-Woode Illustrated Dictionary
  • Nelson Agricultural for primary schools/workbook – Bk 2
  • Wabp Social Studies for primary schools/workbook – Bk 2
  • Evans Physical and Health Education for primary schools – Bk 2
  • Wabp Civic Education for primary schools/workbook – Bk 2
  • Ext. Religion and National Values for primary schools – Bk 2
  • My First Book of Phonics – 6+
  • Wabp Basic Science and Technology for primary schools/workbook Bk 2
  • Ext. Cultural and Creative Arts – Bk 2
  • Lantern Verbal/Quantitative Reasonings – Bk 2
  • My Calligraphie – Bk 4

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