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Director and Head of School 2018/2019 School Management 2018/2019 Teaching and Non-teaching Staff School Choir Reception Pupils
Head of School << and >> School Director
2018/2019 Management of Gladden's International Schools
2018/2019 Staff (Teaching and Non-teaching)
School Choir (Pupils)
Reception pupils presenting Ringing Bell
Party Committee Santa Claus with Umoh Santa Claus Santa Claus Santa Claus Abigail and co singing Mma and Director Mma Essien Anwan with custodians
2018/2019 Xmas Party Committee: Mr Idongesit - Chairman
Santa Claus with pupils
Santa Claus with pupils
Abigail and co sing staff choir
Mma Essienanwan with her custodians
School Director posing during Open Day
Head of School (Right) posing with Head of Custodian during Open Day
Emmanualla (Left) and Ernest (Right) posing with their free face cap during Open Day
Pupils shouting Hip Hip Hip with their free face cap during Open Day
Pupils taking snapshot during Open Day
Snapshot during Open Day
Pupils posing with their free face cap during Open Day
Parents writing on the comment sheets after assessing their pupils class works during Open Day
Parents filling Open Day attendance forms
Head of School (left) posing with her staff
Some staff posing after a successful organising Open Day
Teachers and Custodians posing and waiting for snapshot after the conclusion of the Open Day
JETS club members, exhibiting their profession    
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